The Diplomatic Revolution in Europe

In this article will provide a realistic perspective on the European integration process, including its successes and shortcomings, and on the possibilities for a realistic transatlantic partnership. We often hear that Americans and Europeans share the same values like democracy, freedom, and the rule of law. This is certainly true. But the interpretation and implementation of these values in everyday political life can be different. There is certainly one big difference that must be taken into account: The Diplomatic Revolution that has taken place in Europe has not happened in the United States. Whereas the goals, the means and the legitimacy of foreign policy among European states have dramatically changed, Washington’s foreign policy still relies on classical goals and instruments like raison d´Etat, Realpolitik, and war. These and other differences should be taken into account if we want to achieve a real transatlantic partnership. The article will be divided into four parts:

  1. The Diplomatic Revolution in Europe

  2. Achievements and Crises

  3. The Common Security and Defence Policy

  4. Repercussions on Transatlantic Relations